hurricane sandy

Helping Sandy Victims
As we all know the  Albany area lucked out when it came to how bad Hurricane Sandy could of been. However other parts of New York weren't so lucky. My friends the Thayer's are doing a fund raiser for Breezy Point New York down state at For Your CANvenience.
All You Need to Know to Help Out Hurricane Sandy Victims
Two days after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East Coast, many residents remain without basic supplies like food, clean water and shelter. Fortunately for the victims of this storm, there are many organizations out there determined to provide assistance to those affected by the hurricane.
Hurricane Sandy Photos
As predicted, Hurricane Sandy created one crazy night. Millions without power, explosions, flooding and at least 18 people dead. Don't let your braggedy friends on Facebook convince you this wasn't a big deal. It was crazy. Here are some pics to sum up what happened. Feel free to share you…
Coeymans Residents Forced To Evacuate
The memories are still fresh in their minds on the flooding and damage they received as a result of Irene and many homeowners had just finished repairs on their homes from last year's flooding.

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