green bay packers

Packers All The Way
A few weeks ago before the first wild card playoff game kicked off I posted a blog stating that the Green Bay Packers would win the big game in Dallas!
NFL Playoff Picks
Ok so last week I had a change of heart after I posted my blog and on air I took the Jets. Turned out to be a good switch. So after that I went 3 and 1 straight up and against the spread. So I must be ready for a let down right? Well let's hope not because here are my picks for today and tomorr…
NFL Divisonal Weekend
I certainly took a hit with my predictions from last week, going 1-3 thanks only  to a win by the Packers (sorry Sean). So let's see if i can redeem myself this week.
Packers All The Way
I am not one to bet on sports, as far as you know. This past weekend some friends of mine asked which wildcard playoff game I felt the strongest about. I told them to bet the house on the Green Bay Packers.
Wild Card Weekend
It's Wild Card weekend in the NFL Saturday and Sunday and with the winter weather rolling in, it gives me yet another reason to stay in and just be lazy!