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Great Escape Now Hiring For Season
Now is the time that Six Flags Great Escape Resort starts hiring for the season. There are over fifteen hundred jobs available for all positions. Here's how to apply.
What You Need To Know To Survive Great Escape’s Coffin Contest
Six Flags Great Escape recently announced their 'Fright Fest 30-Hour Coffin Challenge' and they are now accepting participants.  Think you have what it takes to spend 30 hours lying down in a coffin to win cash prizes and season passes? Here's what you'll need to know before…
Great Escape To Hold Cockroach Eating Contest
What would you be willing to do to win 2019 season passes to the Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom? While some of their thrill rides have certainly tested our mettle over the years, their latest hair raising adventure doesn't involve high speeds and deep drops.  It involves a live hissi…
1500 Local Seasonal Jobs Available
If you are looking for a fun, seasonal job, you are in luck. There are over fifteen hundred jobs available in our area. They are looking for workers who like to have fun and are enthusiastic.
The Capital Region Places Guy Fieri Needs to See [LIST]
Right around this time last year, Vinnie asked about which shows you thought should be on "Triple D." Well, it's a year later, Food Network still hasn't been here so maybe they need a little push. Here are some of my ideas, what do you think?

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