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NY Mental Health Professionals Needed
Governor Cuomo is looking to help those feeling anxious and stressed about the coronavirus. He is asking for those mental health professionals that can volunteer their services.
Cuomo Aims to Shrink Cost of “Pink”
I always just thought women's products and services were just better, justifying in some cases the inflated cost.  If our governor has his way, New York State would eliminate the "pink tax" which inflates the cost of women's goods and services simply because the…
Capital Region Getting 12 Million To Fix Certain Roads
Governor Cuomo announced that over one hundred fifty million dollars will be used across the state to fix roadways that have been impacted by extreme weather. The Capital Region is getting twelve million of it. Find out which roads will be repaired.
Green-Friendly Governor Banning All The Things
I woke up from a mid-afternoon nap to see yet a few more things that Governor Cuomo is banning, or least attempting to ban.  Vaping, plastic straws, plastic bags (to name a few) and now Styrofoam are all part of the Dandy Andy's plan.  It's a massive push to make New York a 'greener' state and I for…

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