Game 7

Shen’s Kevin Huerter Dominated Game 7 and Twitter Went Nuts
In the sports world, there are few things more exciting than a Game 7.  It's what kids dream of when shooting hoops in the backyard with friends; it's do or die, win or go home and in this case, where legends are born. Last night during game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals, 2016 Shen grad Kevin Huerter came through with the best game of his life, putting on an absolute clinic of epic p
For One Night, We Were All Shen Baseball Parents
What I'm about to write comes from the sports fan and the dad in me:  I can't remember a time when a local athlete made me more proud.  I don't know Braves pitcher Ian Anderson or his father Bob or anyone in their family.  But as a father and a man who has always had a deep rooted love for sports (especially baseball) I got chills watching this kid take the mound, with a chance to pitch his team i