Facebook: How You Can Tell If You've Been Cloned
It's been spreading like wildfire on Facebook. Were you hacked? Is your information safe? Is there a clone of you out there? Hopefully, I can explain it a little bit so you know what to look for and whether you should be worried or not.
Millions Of Facebook Users Exposed
If you noticed that you had to log into Facebook on all of your devices this weekend, it was because of a major attack on the social media network. Here's what it means for you.
Local Mom Writes Heartfelt Plea To Daughter's New Classmates
A few days into a new school year, most parents are posting the ever popular 'first day of school' pictures. But last week, Lori Sames from Clifton Park, used her personal Facebook page to post something a little different about a new school year.  Lori's post was a heartfelt, powerful, personal ple…
Local Man Hiding Free Money All Over the Capital Region
When someone says free money, you think it's usually a scam or the title is clickbait. In this case, it's 100% not a scam and you read that right. Thanks to one man, there are actual bills hidden all around the Capital Region, you just have to find them!

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