Reebok to Pay for Misleading Toning Sneakers
It is ironic -- I could have told you those toning sneakers were a gimmick, but apparently it takes a lawsuit and the Federal Trade Commission for people to believe that simply wearing sneakers will tone you legs and gluteals without having to workout necessarily.  Hello!?
You Only Need 15 Minutes of Exercise Daily
While the World Health Organization, the U.S. and other countries recommend adults get at least half-hour of moderate workout most days, a new Taiwanese study suggests just half of that will help.
Five Chores That Burn Calories While You Clean
We all worry about weight gain. Clearly, I don't worry enough to stop drinking the kinds of things that have expanded my mid section,  but it's not like I don't know I have to figure out a way to keep it in check. I don't know about you but I am just not a fan of going to the gym these days. It's ha…