Sam Hunt Invites Cam On Stage to Duet ‘Burning House’ [Watch]
Cam is spreading like wildfire throughout the country community.  No pun intended.  I feel like the only thing hotter than her right now is Sam Hunt!  So, imagine how exciting it must have been to be in the audience when Sam invited Cam up on stage to perform her fast rising single, &…
Honey, I'm Good Duet
I'm loving Andy Grammer's "Honey I'm Good" song so much right now!  And so are my kiddos!  I heard them singing it while they were playing the other day, so cute!
It has been giving me a country vibe to begin with, but when I saw that Andy shared this versio…
Scotty Sings With His Mom
Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with your family! We always knew Scotty McCreer\y was close with his family, and this Easter he started the day singing the duet "New Again" with his mom at their church in Garner, NC.