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Click Here to See If Your Hand is Smaller Than Trump’s Hand
You know what they say about men with small hands...
And, a lot has been made of the size of Donald Trump's hands, which led to that infamous back-and-forth between Trump and Marco Rubio.
Now, thanks to an impression of Trump's right hand at Madame Tussauds in New York who made Tru…
Saved by the Bell Roasted Donald Trump Before it Was Cool [Watch]
Way before Donald Trump ran for President, he was quite a socialite. He was also the butt of a lot of jokes. But, perhaps none more 90's corny than when Screech dressed up like him in a dating game on Saved by the Bell.
Check out the clip above and relive the moment when scrunchies were everythi…
Do You Want Your Morning Show to Take a Side in the Election?
We would really like to get your opinion on this!
It's a political year, Albany is a political town, and frankly, Sean and I are political minded people!  But, do you want to hear our opinions on the matter?
That's the question.
You can't get on the internet, turn on the TV, or open…
This Is What Donald Trump Sounds Like Drunk [Watch]
Think Donald Trump is charismatic and really commands a room?  Well, you should check this out!  It's a video of one of Trump's speeches slowed down by 50% and it's hysterical!  He sounds like he's at a frat party discussing policy while he's half in the bag..…
Hillary Clinton On Saturay Night Live [VIDEO]
When Saturday Night Live begins a new season you can usually expect something to happen that will get people talking about it on Monday morning, this season opener did not disappoint. Hillary Clinton stopped by to open the show and to be honest wasn't half bad.

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