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In light of the recent Costa Concordia disaster in Italy (have you heard about it?  Gee, do you think they've covered it enough on the news?), I was just wondering what your feelings are regarding cruising as a vacation option.  Would you be so kind as to take a little poll?…
Did You Miss Today’s News Near Albany?
Italy - Rescue workers continued efforts to located about two dozen people who are still missing from the Costa Concordia.  A decision looms, though, to call off the search for survivors.
Did You Miss the News Near Albany Today?
National - The deadly capsizing of the Costa Concordia could cost a lot, coming at the worse time of year.  Of course this time of year is the start of the peak of booking season for cruises.
Facebook Saved A Life On Costa Concordia Cruiseship
What a disaster in Italy, huh?  It really hit home for me, as we were just there on a cruise last month that left from Rome!  It really makes you stop and think.  What would you do in a case like this if you were caught in the bowels of a ship that's tilted on it's side? &nb…
Local Family Aboard Italian Cruise Ship
4,200 passengers were aboard the Costa Concordia when it went down over the weekend just off the coast of Italy.  Three members of a Duanesburg family were included in that number and fortunately, survived to talk about it.