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Consumer Reports: Natural Sunscreens Are A Waste Of Money
Finally, after the Winter that would NEVER end, we're experiencing some warmer weather and sunshine.  Whether you're Lake George or Washington Park bound, 65 and sunny in May can be just as dangerous on your skin as baking in the mid 90's in August.  Always protect yourself - and your children - aga…
A Guide To Holiday Tipping [AUDIO]
Today on the air we talked about holiday tipping. How much are you supposed to give to your babysitter or your mailperson? I never even know who I'm supposed to tip in the first place. In my opinion, I think on both accounts you gotta go with your gut. If you think the person deserves a little …
Top Vehicle Safety Picks for 2011
The Top Safety Pick awards for 2011 have been named by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  Miraculously, Toyota made it on that list! I know -- poor Toyota, but even in the wake of racking up large fines, Toyota-Lexus-Scion still managed