casey danton

News Auditions on WGNA [AUDIO]
This is the kind of trouble we get into on the "Sean and Richie Show", we think out loud on the air and the whole thing takes a life of it's own. Casey mentioned that she was taking a few days off and her normal replacement wasn't available...
Creepy Co-workers [AUDIO]
This morning on the Sean & Richie show, the four of us had quite an interesting, early morning conversation that just turned plain creepy.  In case you missed it or weren't up early enough to catch the boys and me, here is the audio of the break that turned into…
What to Do With a Written Confession
You know when you watch a television show and you get about three-quarters of the way through the show and you really should get going, but you just want to know how the show ends?  Well, I kind of feel that way when it comes to my particular situation.
So, Do You Think You Can Sing? Part 2
Calling all you singers out there! Tonight is the second of four opportunities for you to win $5,000 cash. It's the 2nd edition of our Country Idol Karaoke contest at Vapor in the Saratoga Casino and Raceway.
Inside The Mind Of A Intern
From time to time we bring in interns. These young men and women come and "work" in exchange for knowledge. Just about all of us have been there. It's a tough and thankless job but if you work hard and impress you never know what will come out of it. We currently have the pleasure of Krist…