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Ah Chute! Local Family Rigs Porch for Safe Trick-or-Treating
As a result of social distancing recommendations offered up by the CDC, Halloween in the Capital Region will look a little different on Saturday.  Some area homes are simply leaving their lights off in an attempt to keep trick-or-treaters away this year, while others are creating ways to keep the tradition and Halloween spirit alive.
Probing the Purple Pumpkin’s Purpose
We've all heard of the Purple Heart, The Color Purple (great movie starring Oprah), Purple Rain, The Purple People Eaters, and even the less popular (and quite painful) purple nurple.  But this Halloween, if you see a purple pumpkin on someone's porch, it doesn't mean they've had it out so long that it's beginning to rot.  The purple pumpkin in the newest wave of color designation used to symboliz
Coworker’s Confession Leaves Quite the Impression
Megan in Rotterdam writes: I may have slightly flirted with a colleague of mine after I had a few drinks recently.  A group of us went out after work and he and I started talking, joking and things got a little touchy-feely. At the end of the night I gave him a little peck on the cheek.  No big deal at the time- but now things are super awkward because I do have a crush on him and it's been silent
Love Cowboy Discusses Divorce With Disenchanted Dude
Zach in West Sand Lake wrote: I've been married to my wife for 19 years and I just don't find her attractive anymore.  She's beautiful on the inside but I'd be lying to ya if I told you that my mind doesn't stray from time to time.  I would never act on it, because I'm a faithful man but  after 2 kids and a lifestyle that has never included the gym, she's really let herself go.  I'm past the point
Love Cowboy: Bald and the Beautiful
Dave in Chatham writes: Hey guys- love the show.  Hoping Mr. LC can give me a little insight as to why I haven't had a date in years.  You see, recently I asked a friend the same question, and I wanted her to answer honestly. She said it’s probably because I’m bald...
140,000 Plus in Capital Region Without Power
The powerful storm that swept through the Capital Region yesterday afternoon came fast and furious catching many of us by surprise.  Trees were uprooted, power lines came down and sadly, at least two lives were lost yesterday afternoon as a result.  This morning, as many people in the Capital Region wake and start the day, they're doing so without power.  It's estimated that at least 140,000 peopl
Love Cowboy: He Thinks I’m Cheating
Tanya in North Greenbush writes: My boyfriend is super insecure and always accuses me of being unfaithful even though I would never cheat on him.  I have some male friends male co-workers who I occasionally socialize with but they all know I'm taken and never cross the line.  Sometimes I catch him leaning over my shoulder trying to read texts, and last week he showed up unannounced at work - he sa
No Debating It, GNA’s ‘Bleep Show’ is a Hit [Listen]
After watching the Presidential debate on Tuesday night, we asked on our GNA Facebook to play "fill in the blank."  The question was simple: The debate tonight was_____. As the night went on, we received hundreds of comments and surprisingly, there wasn't much fighting amongst the parties.  In fact, one may surmise that the debate last night was uniquely uniting.  Regardless of your thou
Love Cowboy: She’s Upscale and He’s Dollar-Store
Gwenyth in Averil Park writes: I'm 37 years old, been divorced for about 8 years and dating a guy that I really like.  We started seeing each other right be COVID hit and what I like about him is that he's a very simple man.  He's not into anything fancy, he's not high maintenance, he's just neat, clean orderly and trustworthy...
Love Cowboy: All the Fall Things
One of our favorite things to do with Love Cowboy is to listen to his various redneck interpretations of standard, normal everyday things.  So every few months, we allow him to spout off on topics that have nothing to do with relationships. He's done this before with COVID terms, political terms, and this time around he did it for Fall things.  Listen to Love Cowboy's unique interpretation leaf pe
Kristi From TU Gets Dogged By GNA [Video]
Full disclosure here:  If anyone did the "dogging" on the GNA morning show, it was definitely me as Chrissy is way too much of a saint to call out Kristi Gustafson Bartlette from the Times Union.  But the truth is, Kristi deserved some good-natured ribbing as a result of something she said 3 weeks ago regarding eating hot dogs from a convenience store...

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