Troy Favorite Opens in Schenectady Today
There's few things I love more on this planet than food, especially local food, and being from Schenectady, I'm so happy one of my favorites is finally opening it's second storefront location in Electric City.
Are These Really the World’s Best Pick-Up Lines?
People on Reddit are sharing their best pickup lines, and voting on the best ones.
On Friday morning Sean and I read the pickup lines below and had some listeners call with their own!  It was hysterical!  I can't believe some of the really terrible lines floating around...
The 5 Best Ways to Flirt (Scientifically Proven)
There are always dumb studies to try to figure out if potatoes can fly, or if left-handed people have a favorite toe, but rarely is there a study that will actually help you hook-up!
The Week did a study and concluded that there is more to flirting than just looking good...

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