Watch Adorable Baby Turn Super Cranky Without His GNA
Leah from Green Island sent us a video featuring her adorable 8 month old, Noah jamming out to some WGNA music.  She told us that her little 'Noah Bear' starts to growl when playfully, she turns off his favorite song.  She wasn't kidding. Watch the video for yourself and see how little Noah doesn't mess around when it comes to his favorite song.
Cute Baby? Could Get You $50,000
I personally think that all babies are cute. But if you are a proud parent now is your chance to submit a photo of your baby to not only make them famous, but it could get you $50,000.
Doctors Say Common Baby Item Too Dangerous
Chances are if you have a baby or have kids, they used this all the time when they were young. Now doctors are urging parents to stop using this popular baby item due to major injuries to infants.
Dangerous Baby Hazard Forces Highchair Recall
This one immediately had me thinking about the highchair that my son used.  Luckily for me, Brody was born in July of 2015 so his old chair doesn't apply.  However, if you purchased a highchair from October of 2016 through December 2017, the one you're child is using could malfunction, sending them falling to the ground while inside of it.
It’s A Boy, No Wait, It’s A Girl
It was announced that Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line and his wife Hayley found out a few months back that they were having a boy. They had a gender reveal party where they had a "Diamonds and Dirt Bikes" cake. When they cut into it, the cake was blue on the inside. Not so fast.
Family With 2 Young Kids Booted (VIDEO)
This latest viral airline video has surfaced of a Delta passenger Brian Schear of Huntington Beach, California,  being told that he and his wife Brittany, along with their two young children ages 2 and 1, had to exit the plane or they would risk being thrown in jail and their kids put in foster care.  Would you have exited the plane with your baby and toddler?
We’ve All Done What This Woman Does While Putting Her Baby to Sleep [Watch]
Luckily my kids are old enough so I don't have to pull these kind of stealth moves anymore! But this poor young mom in South Africa is just trying to escape her baby in this cute video her husband posted last week. He said, "The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to exit the room after putting your son down...
First Baby of 2017
Most of us are excited for the new year but this local baby was kicking and screaming. In my career I've had the chance to write about a lot of young celebrities but this one will be hard to top.
New Mom Is Forced to Shut Down Stewart’s In Order to Breastfeed Her Baby
Katlyn Lenperle is a new mom who works at a Stewart's in Troy.  She has faced a scheduling problem at her store before, and has spoken to her supervisor numerous times about it, but nothing has been done. On Sunday, coworker was supposed to be scheduled to come in and relieve Katlyn four and a half hours into her shift so she could pump...

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