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Free Kids Movies At Bow Tie All Summer [LIST]
It's summertime and your kids are home from school, you have to keep them entertained. Not every day can be Disney World and Great Escape, so check out these free movies Bow Tie is offering up to kids all summer long!
Bad Piggies Are Coming For The Angry Birds [VIDEO]
If you own a smart phone or spend too much time on the internet chances are you've played "Angry Birds" by Rivio. It's a addictive, battery and time killing fun little game. I thought they were out of ideas after "Seasons, Green Day and Tournament" modes…
Angry Birds In Space – FROM Space [VIDEO]
Do you play Angry Birds?  According to statistics, you probably do.  It's probably one of the most popular smart phone downloads in history . Well there's a new version out, and who better to show you it than an actual astronaut?  Check out this video
I Am Giving Away This Year’s Hit Toy
Every year there is "that" toy. The "Tickle Me Elmo" of whatever year it happens to be. I know the one that I had to sell my soul for many years ago was the Nintendo Wii when it first came out. It was the perfect toy for the age of my kids and it was the one thing…