Too Early To Decorate? Love Cowboy Chimes In
Nick in Clifton Park wrote in asking for Love Cowboy's advice about his girlfriend who wants to decorate for Christmas really early. Does Love Cowboy tell Nick to suck it up and do what she wants, or to put his foot down?
Love Cowboy On Tempering Road Rage
Carrie in Latham emailed the show because she feels like her boyfriends road-rage is getting out of control.  It's getting to the point where she feels unsafe driving with him out of fear that he may either run someone off the road or simply mess with the wrong one resulting in something catastrophic.  Love Cowboy admits that he too battled bouts of road rage in his life and he shares with GNA nat
Love Cowboy Helps Couple ‘Meat’ In The Middle (AUDIO)
Karl in Lansingburgh has been with his girlfriend for a few years and after watching a few food documentaries, she had a change of heart about what she wants to put into her body.  She's trying to convince Karl to become a vegan, and while she not pressuring him to maintain this new lifestyle, he's concerned that if she stays the course, it could cause some problems.  Love Cowboy weighed in on a p
Love Cowboy: He Picked Me Up In A Smart Car
This one was one our favorites in the last few weeks.  Love Cowboy was on his game as he proved to be a pretty big smart-a$$ while addressing an email from Havannah in Glemnont.  Havannah wasn't overly impressed with the kind of car she was picked up in on a recent first date; it was a Smart Car.
Love Cowboy: No Joke, I’m Broke
Melissa in Wilton claims that for two years she's been struggling to pay the bills and her boyfriend doesn't seem to be cutting her too much slack.  He makes nearly twice as much as she does, yet pays exactly one-half of the bills.  Her quandary with her man was handled by the Love Cowboy who came to the table with some advice and relief for the couples beef.
Love Cowboy’s Advice For Mama Kissin’ Man
A GNA listener emailed into Brian and Chrissy to get some advice from the Love Cowboy in regards to something her boyfriend does when he greets his mother.  It's not uncommon for grown men to show affection toward their mother but this wasn't sitting well for Alyssa in Delmar who finds it slightly odd that her man kisses his mom on the lips every time he greets her.  Love Cowboy, gruff in nature,
Love Cowboy On Moving On Following Deeeevorce
Love Cowboy had some advice for a GNA listener who separated from her husband about a year ago.  Jeanne from E. Greenbush claims that in that time, she's been seeing a new guy.  Her husband, however, has been reluctant to sign the divorce papers and Jeanne wants to move on her with her life and she turned to the Love Cowboy asking for some help on how to 'proceed' with the new guy, while still mar
Love Cowboy has strong opinions and at times he can some off rude, lewd, and a tad bit crude.  For the first time since appearing in the morning with Brian and Chrissy on GNA, he appeared in the 'nude'.  Well not really, he responded to an email from a dude who's girl was sending nudes of her man to her girlfriends so that they could see what he was workin' with.  Enjoy...
Love Cowboy dropped by the Saratoga Race Course on Friday morning as Brian and Jess were broadcasting live to offer some insights on the 150th running of the Runhappy Travers Stakes.  Saratoga's crown jewel weekend wouldn't be complete without some insults made toward Brian and some predictions for the race that were equal parts spot-on and downright hilarious.
Love Cowboy decided to break format on Wednesday morning when he decided the only relationship advice worth giving, was a review of the wild Bachelorette Finale.  Spoiler Alert: He had plenty to say about Hannah, Jed, and windmills! Hold onto your hats, this was a pretty wild ride.
Ted in East Greenbush has been dating a single mom for two years and recently confided in his mom that was going to propose to her.  Mom shot it down so quick, Ted's poor head was spinning. That's when Love Cowboy stepped in and tried to set the record straight about mom and her meddling ways!

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