What Is Swatting?
I though I had heard of everything, but apparently not. There is a new very dangerous form on pranking people online called "swatting" and a local 12 year old boy was a victim of it.  What is "swatting?"
9/11 Memorial Services in the Albany Area
9/11 is a solemn day and many people choose to either note the day with a personal moment of silence, or perhaps together with others. Here are some memorial services we're aware of in the Albany area.
World Trade Center Construction Time-Lapse [VIDEO]
I found this really cool video of the construction of the new World Trade Center. It's time-lapse from the beginning of construction to now. It's cool to see the progress happen so fast. The video takes place over the last six years. It starts slow then takes off...
Woman Watches Her Home Get Robbed On Camera [VIDEO]
I love watching a dirt bag thief get what they deserve. This video is awesome because a couple jerks are robbing a ladies house and have no idea they are being watched. The lady says in the video that she has been robbed before so she installed the hidden camera...
9/11 Memorial Misspells Victim’s Name
In an “oops” of epic proportions, a 9/11 victim’s name was apparently misspelled on the New York memorial unveiled this past weekend.
Jeffrey Schreier worked for financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald, and was one of the many from that company killed on September 11, 2001.
When his relatives visited the mem…

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