James Kiki has the best NCAA Bracket in the nation, but he could miss out on $50,000 because of one mistake he made filling it out.

According to Deadspin, James currently has the best March Madness bracket in the country. He is not even a big basketball fan, but decided to fill out a bracket on Yahoo. Going in to the Final Four this weekend, no one in the US has picked a better bracket.

There is just one issue: James forgot to choose who would win the championship game. He has UNC and Villanova facing off, but did not choose a victor. This one omission could cost him winning the $50,000 contest, as others who are close to him did choose a championship winner.

I have had my heart broken with these bracket contest before, so I feel for Kiki. To be so close, then to have one omission hurt like this - uggh!  Kiki is not alone though: 3 bracketts in Yahoo's top 30 forgot to choose a winner.

Good luck with your brackets this weekend, ift hey haven't been broken yet. And go 'Cuse!

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