I read Casey's blog about Princess Beatrice's Hat going up on Ebay.  I'm sure it will rake in the dough.  Many more foolish things have been bought and sold on Ebay.  And really, Casey, what's wrong with funny hats?  Lighten up!
Casey, my dear.  There are ENTIRE websites dedicated to funny hats.  How about the International Fun Shop? 

fun shop

Christmas Hats.  Mardi Gras Hats. Party Hats.  See? Some of them are out of stock!

And Casey, you are overlooking that some of the world's most powerful people wore "funny hats".  Look at the late, great Walt Disney, for example. He wasn't afraid to show his wild and crazy side, even way back then.

Finally, my dear newslady, there are SOME people who really get into hats.  I found this guy on YouTube who tried on hats for 4 days straight.  This guy is INTO it!

I hope I proved my case here.  So Casey, "put that in your hat and smoke it".  (forget the smoking part though, not good for ya).

What's the funniest hat YOU own?  Send us a picture!

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