Well it has been a week since we made the big announcement for Countryfest 2012.  I hope that a good many of the people who were initially shocked, and rightfully upset about the change in venue  have had time to cool off and let it all sink in. I know when I heard about it, I too was shocked and upset but after a few days I realized that it was what it was, and that we would still have a great time.

I mean that's what we do here,  have fun. I love Countryfest, I loved it in Saratoga, I loved in in Altamont and I will Love it in Albany. I guess what I eventually realized is that it isn't the location, the inside vs. outside that made it so special for me, it was the chance to spent the entire day with my friends and loyal listeners celebrating the music that brought us all together. We can and will still be able to do that this year.

With all the comments and negativity i have seen on the internet I thought I'd take a few minutes and find some comments that were positive and share them so that if you are like me , and you really want to get excited about Countryfest this year and you really want to make the best of it you can know your not alone!

Here are just some of my favorites and I thank you all for your support!