They say that when Rome was the world's Super Power, one of it's greatest inventions was  the road. Now right here in America we could be at the forefront of the next great innovation in the roadway system: solar roads.

As solar power becomes more and more efficient the demand for the resource has risen, these days it is not unusual at all to see a crew installing solar panels like the ones in this picture all over the place.  What you are about to see could very well be the future. I have to say, I'm not really sure why it wouldn't be after watching this video. I'm sure there are, or will be some problems that pop up along the way, but with a plan and some time this new technology really could change the world.

I'm all about creating enough power to run everything with our roads, the added safety features and even the cosmetic value of having all of our needed wires hidden beneath the roadways, but what I really love about this new idea is the fact that I would never have to shovel my driveway again! Think about a world with no need for snow removal, that in itself is reason to push this project forward.

Take a look at this video and tell me what you think? What do you like best about the potential and what drawbacks do you see?