You all know what Siri is, right?  If not - it's the unbelievable piece of technology provided on the Apple iPhone where you can literally have a conversation with your device.  We're also finding out that she is very talented. Want proof?
Apple unveiled a new operating system for their devices at their  Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2012.  Part of the update involves new uses for Siri .  You eventually will be able to ask it sports scores, movie times and locations, and even directions.  So how fitting for Siri to open the conference with a comedy routine.  Here it is, compliments of YouTube and


She's absolutely hysterical, isn't she?  And did you know she sings country songs as well?  I did a duet with her once at a karaoke bar.  It was an experience I'll never forget.

What's next for Siri?  From what I hear, they might just incorporate it into future TV's so you can tell it to change the channel for you, raise and lower the volume.  Siri is downright SCARY!