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Get Your Free Taco Today
Get a free taco today at participating Taco Bells. The fast-food restaurant is also making a substantial donation to help end childhood hunger.
Chrissy's Mom Teaches a Paint & Sip w/o The Paint
My mom is seventy-four years old and is trying her best to heed the warnings and stay home. She does get out in the yard and go for walks but she is pretty bored. The other morning, she decided to do a paint and sip video. She left out the paint part.
Beware of Stimulus Check Scams
We will be getting stimulus checks in the next few weeks. But there is a warning that goes along with it. There are scammers trying to get your money from you. Here's what to look out for.
Albany Schools Need Volunteers
Now with schools being closed until at least April 15th, the Albany City School District is looking for nearly two hundred volunteers to help keep the kids fed. Here's how you can help.
Love Cowboy Gives Advice To Panicky Bride To Be
Tessa in Grafton is getting married this Fall and she's been in panic mode ever since the lock down has affected everyone's world. She's worried that lack of money and high stress could lead to complications down the road and wants to postpone the wedding.  Can Love Cowboy help o…
Love Cowboy's Quarantine Kiddo Activities
McKenzie in Glenmont emailed the show because she's basically going out of her mind at home with three kids. She was hoping the Love Cowboy could offer her some good, wholesome ideas to keep the kiddos entertained while she was home with them all day, everyday.  Not exactly sure if th…
My Big Fat Greek Pandemic Shopping Experience (Video)
I have two very good friends with elderly parents and wisely, these folks are not spending much time outside of their house during the pandemic.  They're a close, wonderful, Greek family, but this COVID-19 stuff hasn't been easy on them.  One of the sons lives in Boston and the other lives in L.A.  …
787 'Wrong Way' Driver Caught on Video
This is one of my biggest fears when I'm driving on a highway for some reason, even though it's incredibly unlikely to happen.
I'm always on the lookout for a car that is headed in the wrong direction and I'm equally as terrified to enter a "wrong way" part …
Caller's Urgent Plea Regarding COVID-19 (AUDIO)
Here's the audio of the woman who called into GNA Friday morning just one day after she lost a very good friend to the coronavirus.  While it's heartbreaking to listen to, it's also a glimpse into the reality of what is happening in the world today.
Colonie Police Do Perk-Up Patrol w/ Parade of Positivity
Kudos to the these Colonie cops who always put care for the community first.  I can only imagine the looks on everyone's faces as a "parade of positivity" featuring squad cars from the Colonie Police Department made their way through the Shaker Elementary neighborhoods Thursday afternoon w…

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