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Keep Your Pool Open a Bit Longer-Could Save You Money & Stress
We don't have a long season here in the Capital Region when it comes to summer and swimming. But it is longer than you think if you want to save yourself some money and stress. Experts say that you should keep your swimming pool open long enough to make sure you aren't wasting money in the…
Amsterdam's ItaliaFest This Weekend-How to Pronounce Italian Food
I am 100% Italian and love all Italian food and festivals. There haven't been many festivals at all in the past year and a half so I am happy for this Saturday. This weekend Amsterdam will bring back ItaliaFest. The event was canceled last year due to COVID. It will be held on Bridge Street Sat…
New Protocols a Highmark Stadium Make Buffalo Bills Fans Shout
This past Sunday at Highmark Stadium where the Buffalo Bills play, the mask protocols were not followed so now there are new rules being implemented. Announced yesterday afternoon, new health and safety protocols are being enforced both at Highmark Stadium and Key Bank Center where the Sabres play.
Best Fans in NFL-Ready for Another Buffalo BILLboard
As a Buffalo Bills fan, I am kind of biased when I say Bills Mafia is the best fanbase in the entire NFL. But now you don't have to hear it from me because, for two years in a row, Buffalo Bills fans were voted the best fans in the entire league.

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