Sara Evans considers herself to be a pop culture junkie, so she knows what she likes. And she clearly knows what she doesn’t like. On Tuesday night (March 24) the singer turned to social media to vent about a new show on FOX.

Evans says she sat down to watch The Last Man on Earth with her teenage kids, thinking it could be a fun new show to watch as a family.

“SO WRONG!!!!! I was thoroughly DISGUSTED at how DISGUSTING it was/is,” she writes in a Facebook post.

“Everyone is offended by different things. I understand that," Evans tells Taste of Country. "Some people would not be offended by that, but it offended me so bad.”

The episode she watched with her family — including kids age 10 to 16 — began with a man stealing pornography and then apologizing to God for masturbating so frequently. That's about when Evans shut it down, and took a bigger picture view about what's wrong with comedies on television. Evans was annoyed "to the point where I felt I had to do something.”

The singer and mom insists she’s not a prude. She enjoys Breaking Bad, Modern Family and Parenthood, all shows that rely on more mature topics. Her kids don't watch every show she and husband Jay watch, and the oldest are allowed to watch edgier shows like The Walking Dead. But if they are watching a show like Modern Family and there are sexual references, it's done in a way that's clever.

The overtness and bawdiness of the jokes and situations on shows like The Last Man on Earth are what she's sick of, she says. The bad writing is almost as offensive as the content. “Take the kid part out of it," she says. "I don’t always want to endure that.”

Evans felt the TV-14 rated episode didn't give her a proper heads up about what was to come. She recalls the jokes spilling out before she could do anything to stop it.

“I guess I just was under the misunderstanding that if it’s on ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX then it’s a show that’s relatively safe for your kids to watch," the Taste of Country Music Festival performer says.

Evans and her family make TV a family-bonding experience. They enjoy marathoning through a series together, and picked The Last Man on Earth because the preview was funny and relatively safe-looking. Predictably, fans on Facebook have been vocal with their opinions of her rant. While most agree with Evans, many say it's the parents' responsibility to protect their kids, not the networks'.

Evans gets that, but doesn't understand why a show like this needs to be so in-your-face.

“Different people are offended by different things, but when it is overly sexual I just personally don’t find it funny. Like, what is funny about that?”

Shark Tank on ABC and NBC's The Voice are two shows she says the family enjoys without worry of a nip-slip or joke that makes both mom and her 16-year-old son uncomfortable. That's the other part of the matter. Watching TV as a family has just become weird because of so much suggestive content.

"I think if you’re comfortable watching a sex scene with your child, then there’s something wrong with you,” the 44-year-old says, laughing.

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