There is nothing funny about this story.  It's a tear jerker, and anyone who has had to go through the ordeal of putting a dog down can relate.  The owner of THIS dog, however, wanted his beloved pet to either "go big" or "go home".  Check out the video.  Bring tissues. 

Lennox had cancer, arthritis and a tumor on his shoulder according to this news report from  Surgery just wouldn't be worth it at this point, so a gentleman from Canada posted this video.  This was the dog's last meal, and was euthanized right afterwards.   This video went WILDLY VIRAL on social media.

Although very sad, the video wasn't meant to be sad.  I guess you could look at it two ways.  At least if you're gonna go - go in style!

Would you post YOUR dog's last day on YouTube though?  Do you think it's too personal? Would love to know your thoughts.   In the meantime, raise your glass to Lennox - you lived a good life, doggie!

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