This is a wild coincidence, and a funny one at that. Through a strange  series of events, I met my "double" recently- kinda sorta. Hang in there. It gets better from here

Long story made very short, I got an email inquiry recently about DJing a wedding. I gave the person a quote, and didn't hear from her for about a month. Then one night the phone rang. She very politely thanked me for calling her back the night before, said that she would be very happy to work with me, and apologized for being sleepy when I called.

I got a little worried. I didn't know what she was talking about. I had no recollection of calling her at all. I checked all of my latest outgoing phone calls on my phone, and was relieved to find that I DIDN'T call her.

But then  I got concerned yet again. Who DID call her? Was she making this up?  Was someone trying to impersonate me? She then forwarded a new follow-up email that supposedly came from me.

Well, it came from a guy named Phillips, alright. Get this. His name was ... RICHARD PHILLIPS. He too was a mobile DJ and radio personality on WNHU Radio in New Haven, Connecticut.  But that's not all.  His nickname is ROCKIN' RICHARD. Talk about confusing!

I then called him to explain the confusion. Richard's wife answered the phone. I inadvertently flipped her out because my name came up on her caller ID, but when I started blabbing she quickly learned that it certainly wasn't her husband on the line. I quickly tried to calm her by reassuring her I wasn't some kind of  weirdo (although in my case, that took a lot of explaining!)

Anyway, Richard and I finally connected, we had a good talk and he thankfully got a chuckle out of the whole thing.

He sent me his picture and some information, btw.

I asked him if he goes by "Richie", and he said no. He's always stayed with the "God-given name". Someday I might go back to Richard as well, but for now, that's my name and I'm stickin' to it!

It was a funny coincidence, nonetheless, and apologies to the bride-to-be for all the confusion. Now, which one are you going to hire? Just kidding- I'd actually go with Richard.  He looks much better in a tux.