Sunday, we got a lot of snow. Like a lot of snow. It was tough for my 33-year old asthmatic lungs, so I can only imagine how it was for our elders.

Ryan Condo is a fire fighter in East Greenbush who, at the beginning of the winter season agreed to help the town with plowing the snow when needed. So, Sunday, you can imagine he was out doing just that.

He was riding with his partner and they noticed an elderly man, face down in the snow near the end of his driveway. They stopped the truck and Condo ran over immediately to help him. It turns out the 76-year old man had slipped, fell and was in a lot of pain. He had melted snow on his back showing he had been there for a bit. Condo called for an ambulance and stayed by his side until the medical team arrived.

The elderly gentleman has since been released from the hospital and is home. It said he will make a full recovery and that Condo plans to visit him soon.

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