Positive Behavior In Schools - we need more of it, for sure.  Maple Avenue School makes it their mission, and actually reserved an entire day to celebrate it.  All they needed was a theme song! 

Thanks to Mr. Coons and Ms. Karas for inviting me in to help create a quick (and I mean very quick) jingle for this very special day.

photo by Richie Phillips
photo by Richie Phillips

We had a grand total of 20 minutes with each of two sections of 8th graders.


The only way to do this efficiently was to have the first group write one part, the next group the next, and then somehow get them to sing the chorous together (using slight studio trickery).  I must say, the kids were GREAT, cooperative and really creative under this time crunch.

Here's their song!

Awesome job, guys.  Feel free to use it as your theme all year long!

Oh,btw -would you like more information about bullying prevention in YOUR community? Here's a fantastic resource - The Academy For Character Education at the Sage Colleges