Ladies, a very important video has been uploaded to social media. I really think you need to stop whatever it is that you're currently doing and

I'm not kidding. If I know you and I think I do, I need you to pay attention. It's Luke flippin Bryan and it's like he's summoning you.

The most common thing I hear when it comes to Luke are the ladies saying he can "shake it for me!" I'm not even trying to play off of a song here, I'm being serious. Ladies love Luke Bryan's booty. It's a thing. So much so that a girl on Instagram posted a video of just that 3-days ago. It's simply Luke shaking that booty for a good, solid 20-seconds.

If you're at work, turn your sound down and just prepare to be mesmerized.

Luke Bryan will be back in town with Brett Eldredge on August 26th at SPAC.

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