Clearly the story of the day is Tim Tebow and the Broncos vs. The New England Patriots, but we'll cover the rest too just in case anyone cares. lol Of course as always I invite you to join me today at Vapor for all the games.Sunday 1pm games are as follows.

Bengals @ Rams: This one seems pretty clear the much improved Bengals will beat the Rams bad.

Panthers @ Texans: This really could go either way. I know everybody loves Tebow but Cam Newton is awesome. I'll take the Panthers

Seahawks @ Bears: Marshawn Lynch has made the Seahawks a different team but I think the Bears D has had enough and will punish him.

Redskins @ Giants: Eli said he was elite and has been proving it. Go Big Blue!

Titans  @ Colts: Colts can't lose every game can they? YES they can.

Dolphins @ Bills: The Bills haven't been the same since Fitzpatrick signed his big contract and the Fins are loving the roll of spoiler. Dolphins win.

Saints @ Vikings: Saints are heading to a showdown in the playoffs with the Packers Sorry Vikings you lose.

Packers @ Chiefs: The Pack wants to make history by going undefeated Chiefs are in big trouble here.

4pm games:

Lions @ Raiders: My heart won't let my head pick against the Raiders but the Lions are for real!

Browns @ Cardinals: I'll take the home team because I have to take someone.

Patriots @ Broncos: This is the game of the day. Everyone is waiting for Tebow magic to run out and this is when it'll happen. Brady and Belicheck will stop Tim Tebow and the Broncos in stunning fashion.

Jets @ Eagles: There will be more green worn at this game then any other and the Jets will win.

8:20 game:

Ravens @ Chargers: Expect the return of Ray Lewis and a heck of a game. The Chargers have been improving but the Ravens are just better.


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