This morning Trishna Begam from News 10 ABC called in to tell us about a story that will be featured tonight at 10:00 pm in Fox 23. I have to admit I'm a little excited about this one because it takes us inside the New York State Crime Lab, and according to Trishna gives us an inside look at how forensics is used to solve crime.

News 10 ABC, Faceboook Page
News 10 ABC, Faceboook Page

As a huge fan of all the crime scene investigative shows on TV, I think it will be pretty cool to get an inside look at how these departments really work, and all the time and skill it really takes to solve crimes through science.

Trishna said on her WTEN Facebook Page, "So what happens during those days, weeks, and months as violent crime investigation unfolds? I'll take you inside the state's crime lab where they fire off guns, track bullets, and examine every crevice of a shell casing. You'll get a closer look at how investigators trace the life of a gun and put criminals behind bars."

Totally looks pretty cool to me and I know New York State has one of the best crime labs in the country. If you want to check out her special feature , make sure you are tuned in tonight at 10:00 pm on Fox 23.

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