I don't know if these fellows make me happy or miserable, but the latest YouTube stars are on a fast pace to fame, even though they are doing it in slow motion.  Don't worry- I'll explain.

First an introduction that won't take long to figure out.  The Slow Mo guys do exactly what you would think they do - they just walk around and film stuff on their trusty iPhones to play back in slow motion.  Now I will tell you why I am fuming.

They have like 6 MILLION followers.  Here we are busting our "you know what's" writing blogs every week, praying that you will read them, and these guys simply hit "record" and using a feature that almost everyone has on their phones, create stupid videos.

OK, Richie - get out of the bitter barn.   Give them credit where credit is due.  I have to say you can't NOT watch it once you see these clips.  They're amazing, to tell you the truth.  They do everything from slow mo water balloons to tasers.   Here's one that got 6 million views on it's own.  They smash an audio CD! (I wonder if it's one from Justin Bieber?)

Wild, huh?  There's plenty more where that came from.  Simply search "Slo Mo" guys and you'll find more clips.

Hey-maybe I'll do one. I'll record myself trashing my laptop in slow mo out of anger that I can't get 6 million hits!   Back to the bitter barn I go.

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