If you have a young child at home like I do, then you all about Nickelodeon's "Blaze and the Monster Machines."

This is one of Caden’s favorite shows, we literally have about 40 of them on the DVR.  Caden did point out to me that the show was having a race car theme going, but I didn’t really understand…until now!

This week was “Race Car Adventure Week” and some of the guest voices include NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Jimmie Johnson (Dash), Danica Patrick (Rally), Chase Elliott (Mark Set Go) and Kasey Kahne (Fender).

Take a look at this clip Hendricks Motor Sports shared of the drivers reaction to being on the show:

Now, I am pretty sure I have all of these shows taped, and if not you can bet I am going to watch these on demand! I can’t wait to see Caden’s face when I tell him Jimmie Johnson is one of the voices!  Get the popcorn ready, this will be my binge show on Saturday!