Did you hear about this yet?  This story will prove conclusively that you never mess with a musician!


According to a story at MSN.com, a  27 year old musician from New York City left his iPhone in a taxi cab on his way home New Year’s Eve.  Naday Nirenberg saw on his computer that his dating profile was being used by whoever had his phone, and the individual was sending messages to various women trying to set up a date.

The musician decided to put technology to use and try to get his phone back.  He jumped on the dating site and created a new profile – as a woman.  He found a photo of a woman with cleavage and started chatting with the person on his real profile, inviting him over to his apartment for a date.

The man showed up at the apartment in Brooklyn wearing a whole lot of cologne and carrying a bottle of wine. Naday greeted him on the way up the stairs, asked for his phone back, and handed him a $20 bill, hoping to defuse the situation.  He said he had a hammer in his other hand, just in case!

The iPhone thief gave him the phone back and took off without saying a word.

Hysterical.  What is the funniest/worst  experience you've had with someone in your family losing a cellphone?  My son's fell off a log into the bottom of a very cold lake while fishing.  He had to fish to get it out!