It is something that on the surface that seems pretty simple. But it mean's a whole lot more than you think.

Chances are if you are reading this you are a GNA listener. Maybe you listen here and there, maybe you listen hours at a time every day. But either way, at some point you have tuned us in and spent some time with us. You have let us in.

Maybe you have even taken it a step further. Maybe you have called Sean & Bethany to chime in on one of their topics in the morning. Or maybe you have called Marissa or Matty to get a song on, or just check in during a long day.

Maybe it has gone further than a phone call. Maybe you have purchased a ticket and come to one of our Countryfest or Secret Star shows. Maybe you have donated to St. Jude during out Cares For Kids Radiothon.

If you have done any of the above, from simply listening to supporting one of our shows or charities, you have given all of us at WGNA the greatest gift of all: You. You have let us into your life, spent time with us and become a friend. You allow us to have a blast on the air everyday of the year. And let's be honest - it is because of you that we get to to do what we do: share great country music, have lots of laughs and get together with our friends for lots of cool events.

And that is why this year and every year, you have given us the greatest gift of all. You. Thanks for letting me, Sean, Bethany, Marissa & Sam be a part of your lives. Merry Christmas to you and yours - we hope they bring you all the joy that you give to us everyday.