Sometimes I walk around at our WGNA charity events and shake my head silently, in a good way!  I see these folks who very easily could be doing something else at this very hectic time of the year, and yet still come out and support us.  Time to recognize a few folks who have done just that!We just had our Pennies From Heaven Bowl-A-Thon at the Uncle Sam Lanes in Troy.  A really fun time was had by all (although I'm searching for the Motrin as I write this!).

We had some awesome bowlers (and awesome people) show up for this event.  Take Kevin Blessing, for example.

He is a hard working truck driver for John Ray and Sons. And when he's not on the road, he's caring for his 8 year old son every other week as a devoted single dad.

He told me he was proud to be a father, and thankful to be healthy and doing well.  That's why he showed up-to lend a little support to the cause.  To give a little to those who don't have the same luck.  Oh, and by the way-he is also a Partner In Hope for St. Jude Childen's Hospital, meaning that he gives monthly to that cause as well.   Oh, I forgot to add-he's a great bowler too (but I think his "good karma" helped me-I bowled my best game in years!

Sometimes we get whole families that show up!  And these folks have been showing up at our events for years!  It's payback time. Meet HUGE WGNA fans (L to R)  Betty Ostwald, Linda Pierce and son Michael.




Oh, by the way, Mike is no slouch on the lanes himself.  In fact, he bowled high game with a (drumroll) 247.   That was my 3 game total!   Great job!  He won Countryfest tickets, so I'm sure we'll be seeing him again!   Thanks to all who came out for this event.  I hate to say this, but we wanted a bigger turnout.  Hopefully we'll see you all next year!