Sean and Bethany may have had a good laugh at my expense when I said buttered carrots were my favorite part of the Thanksgiving Day meal. The food really isn't my favorite, honestly. Thanksgiving is so many things, but I think the food is just that, a "thing." No disrepect, Mr. Turkey. There are just so many other reasons to enjoy this holiday and for me, it truly isn't the meal.

I, of course am thankful to have that meal on my families table while so many struggle or can't allow that to happen for theirs. I don't want to seem like I don't appreciate that fact. I definitely do.

What I love most about Thanksgiving though is something so small and so overlooked by many, I believe because it just kind of happens. It's the loving, relaxed, fun environment full of family and it's all day long. All day. Helping prep the meal, lounging on the couch, laughing, watching football or movies and just enjoying each others company. You put all the crap of life aside and just love who you're with.

I'm someone who is always on the go, every day, all day, all week, every week; from GNA, to hosting trivia, to working in a recording studio on my own music, to filming and editing videos and finding ideas to post about, working all of the local country concerts and somewhere in there trying to find some time for things like laundry. So to have the opportunity to just stop and be with the people I care about the most is one of the most amazing feelings I can hope for.

I hope whatever your favorite part of Thanksgiving might be that you get to enjoy it to it's fullest! Spread the holiday cheer and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!