A man from Chicopee, Massachusetts (which is about 90 miles southeast of the Albany area) was arrested for setting several buildings in Berkshire County on fire.

Flickr User Kai Brinker

In a story from News 10 ABC, 54-year-old Stuart Zebrowski told an investigator that he should be thanked by members of the community for burning down those dilapidated buildings.

Besides the four buildings that Zebrowski was accused of setting on fire, he is also being blamed for starting 15 brush fires. He was a delivery driver for a Springfield laundry. That’s when he allegedly broke into several homes while he was on his route. That was from 2009 through April.

His lawyer argued that the crimes Zebrowski are being accused of do not warrant any detention. He asked for bail with a GPS monitoring system. I don’t think the community members would thank him if any fireman got hurt or even died because of his actions.


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