Unreal. We're 24 days away from Black Friday and already getting stories like this one- there's a guy who's trying to break the record for the longest Black Friday campout. Say what?!?

Kevin Sutton the guy's name and he's living in a tent outside a Best Buy store in Florida and this crazy guy plans to park his behind there until November 27th. Doing that will give him a Black Friday campout record of 33 days, topping the current 22-day record set by two women in California.

All jokes aside, Kevin is doing this campout for a good reason. He says he's doing it to  “raise awareness for the 13,000 homeless children in Central Florida.”

Kevin says he's accepting donations, gifts, toys, and money – which he is going to give to a local charity.  He’s also accepting donations of food and water that will, hopefully, keep him on his feet until the day after Thanksgiving.

And, even Best Buy is getting in on this whole thing by giving Kevin access to a restroom during business hours.

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