Last week I posted a poll to determine your favorite Lake to visit, and Lake George came out on top!

As my family and I settle in to the area and with some many great places to visit, we have been trying to narrow it down to a few key spots to check out this summer. And with so many great lakes to visit in the area, I turned to you GNA nation to narrow it down. After opening it up for a vote, Lake George came out on top! It was by no means a landslide as it got 25% of your votes, and there were just a ton of write ins for this poll. But, since Lake George won this is the one we'll be sure to visit this summer!

As I peruse photos on Instagram, it is pretty evident why Lake George came out on top. The views are amazing, and there is plenty to do!

And this looks like a great way to wrap up a day...amazing!

Maybe I'll see ya on the lake this summer...