We asked the Capital Region what their biggest pet peeves were and these answers might be some of the best.

Every single one of us has something that really gets on our nerves. It eats away at us when we see it happening to the point of wanting to rage scream in the middle of a public place. So what does it for you?

I'm talking about pet peeves. We all have them. While some can be easy to relate to, others can be rather personal in nature.

What is a pet peeve? The dictionary describes it as such:

something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

For me I cannot stand when someone doesn't respond to a message. Not a late response on a message, but no response at all. What makes it even worse is when you can clearly see that someone has read something you sent them and either ignored it or chosen not to reply. I cannot explain how this has made me stop talking to some people and just cease communication all together.

Why? It's just rude in my opinion.

What were some of the pet peeves that the Capital Region listed off?

  • People who use "like" as a filler word
  • Loud chewing
  • The overuse of the phrase "at the end of the day" on sports programs (oddly specific)
  • Crooked pictures on the wall
  • Lack of basic manners

I fully support all of these and negative points to the person who wrote "this post" as their pet peeve. I will add internet trolls to my ever-growing list of things that bother me on a daily basis.

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