With summer starting to heat up are we going to finally get a break at the gas pumps here in the Capital Region?

I think we've all felt it at the gas pumps recently, but it looks like we're getting  tiny little break when it comes to how much it costs to fill up. While it's not much, it does look like prices for gas here in the Capital Region fell almost 2 cents per gallon on average.

Really it comes down to where you go for your gas. In the neighborhood I live in in Albany it looks like gas is down to $3.54 at the Lukoil station on New Scotland Ave. However just up the road at Stewart's it's $3.63.

Earlier in the month I paid $3.73 so it is nice to see things come down a bit.

Up in Clifton Park you can fill up for $3.59 at M&M Fuels, and the prices go up from there.

It actually looks like Schenectady has some of the cheapest gas in the area over on Erie Blvd there are two stations offering it at $3.43 a gallon. That's not too bad at all. Of course I would love to see it drop to less than $3 a gallon.

With the summer here and road trips being planed gas prices are going to be a major player in where you go. If it's too costly your trip will get cut short. It's not even just driving your car. Using gas for your lawn mowers, and for recreational activities like boats is all going to be more costly. Let's hope it doesn't keep climbing and we see it go down.

You can keep track of all the latest gas prices with Gas Buddy. If we save money on gas that means more money for pizza and that's always a good thing.

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