The spring is an important time of year for families with students who will be moving to a new school in the fall. As students finish up the academic year in the spring of 2023, the focus will then move to the upcoming fall semester, a very important one for students going to high school for the first time.

The decision to attend one high school, versus another, is especially important for the families of young student-athletes, as the right balance of coaches and teachers in their life can lead to great things in their future.

Recently-released rankings have shown that these local area high schools are providing that balance for their student-athletes better than most.

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Ranking the Best Capital Region Schools for Athletes Ahead of Fall '23

As they do every calendar year, the family and neighborhood experts at Niche have generated their annual school rankings for 2023. Each town, city and/or region of the country is accounted for in their database, and from there, the folks at Niche assign letter grades for each school in that respective area, and rank the schools based on those grades.

In addition to the general score given to every school, they also assign grades for more specific aspects of the educational experience. One example of that is the grade given for the sports programs at every school.

We dug into Niche's databases, and were able to uncover their rankings for the best Capital Region high schools for prospective athletes. A few staples of the Capital Region high school scene were included on the list, but there are also a few schools included that may surprise you.

Scroll below to check out the official 2023 rankings. Did your high school's athletics program make the list?

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