You can find a million different gifts to give at Christmastime, ones that reflect almost every aspect of Upstate New York.  Here are a dozen that we love.

These gifts run the gamut from foods to sports, to housewares and to books.  Oh, and of course it includes a chicken wing key chain.  Right?

These are all great, but this writer has a few favorites.  First is the Finger Lakes blanket (photo).  This is really beautiful.  A deep, rich blue (like the Finger Lakes themselves) with each lake identified and outlined in white (whitecaps?).  This would look great on your bed, but even better put it out where folks who visit you can see it.  It really is gorgeous and it is also a guaranteed conversation starter.

As far as foods go, there are two I love.  The selection of Buffalo sauces is a great gift (Anchor Bar wing sauce included), and the story of the "pink striped cookies" out of Jamestown is one of the most charming food stories in Upstate New York.  And check out the whiskey decanters from the Cooperstown Distillery.  Wow, these look like they came right out of a museum!  And each baseball-shaped glass decanter is etched with the signature of a real Baseball Hall of Fame inductee.  "I'll take a Tom Seaver and a Cal Ripken, Jr. please."

So peruse the list, I am sure there is something that will help you check off a hard-to-give-to-person on your list this year.  Each item has a direct link for easy ordering.

Happy Upstate shopping, folks!

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