The new school year is here in New York State and there are some who are at risk for losing big money from the STAR benefits.

The STAR program is set up to help offset the high cost of school related taxes in New York State.

However, there are some restrictions as to who can get the money and who it is kept from.

You must pay your New York State tax debts or you will lose your STAR property tax exemption.
Unless you make arrangements to pay what you owe, your STAR (School Tax Relief) Program exemption will be suspended.

If you do not pay your outstanding property taxes, you will not be eligible for a STAR exemption

September is a busy month here in New York State as there will be new gun laws going in to affect.

New York State has become the state with the toughest gun laws and for those who own guns and possess the proper permits, there are new responsibilities.

This week will be busy as the new gun laws start and some are saying there is confusion among owners.

Concealed carry permit holders now have to recertify their permits every three years, instead of the previously required five years. And the process has moved online to the New York State Pistol Permit Recertification website.

This is happening as the new laws regarding buying ammunition go in to place later this month.

There are thousands of deer hunters in New York State and there are just a few weeks to go before archery hunting begins followed by the rifle/gun season (also known as the regular season).

Gun owners in New York State are trying to keep up with the newest regulations, requirements and laws. However, as confusing as it might be trying to know what the new laws are and who they affect, gun dealers are also trying to manage and understand the law changes.

Thousands In New York About To Get Background Checked

New York's new gun and ammo background check policies confuse gun dealers As of Sept. 13, there will now be a background check to buy ammunition. The state police are under the new rules. However, now the state will charge $2.50 for an ammo purchase background check.

That is correct. There will be a fee for the background check and it will apply when you buy your ammunition to hunt deer this upcoming season.

The law provides that background check requirements imposed on all retail sellers of ammunition are scheduled to take effect on September 13, 2023. reports that:

When the State takes over next month, gun owners will also have to pay a fee for these background checks. That's an extra $9 for firearms and $2.50 for ammunition.

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