Politics, UGH!  What in the world is going on in this Country? I know you ask yourself the same question all the time. It just seems like it's all become some really big joke. The politicians have all the power and money and they just let us "think" we have some input when we go out to the polls.

Youtube Image, Mayor

Do we really have real choices though? If you are not running in one of the big parties do you really ever have a chance? I know there are some "independents" out there who have won office, but usually these are well connected people with their own money to finance a big campaign. Don't we want and deserve a real choice?

What if any "Joe" could run for Mayor in a big city? Maybe we'd find that real diamond in the rough to really inspire and lead , and more so , do what's right for his constituents!

Well maybe we have one running for Mayor of Minneapolis is one, Jeffrey Allen Wagner. I'll let you be the judge, take a look at this commercial he is running and you tell me, would you vote for him?