This made me laugh, but not necessarily in a good way.  It made me actually snicker at what celebrities are banking on us being stupid enough to purchase from them.  I mean, love ya, Blake.  Love the music.   But really?  Selling drunken tweets? Allegedly, yes. 


Blake Shelton
Getty Images

According to the National Enquirer this week, country superstar and "Voice" judge Blake Shelton has posted tweets in the past about his alcohol escapades and has amassed 5 million followers as a result ..  They're so popular that according to the article:

       "Blake's compiling his funniest alcohol related tweets (into a book) and adding in other humorous tales about his drunken adventures.


In one Twitter message he said that he was tweeting from a plane and very possibly "drinking his face off..".

Would you buy something like that?  Can you imagine asking for that your local Barnes and Noble?   "BLAKE'S DRUNKEN TWEETS, please" Wow, I know I sound "old school" here by saying this, but don't you think that's beneath him to have to do something like that, especially given the rumors that he has an alleged alcohol problem to begin with?  (Here I go snickering again)     Would love your thoughts! 

Well, that concludes this episode of Rumor Humor. (It's my new feature - with a rhyming title. Big surprise, huh?

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