Interesting side note on the daily dilemma today, one woman called in and said, "I think there has to be better dilemmas than this", then proceeded to give her opinion on the problem. I said to her, everybody had different problems and there will always be somethings that you maybe can't relate to because you are not in their shoes, but if you think there are better "dilemmas" you should write it too. She agreed. My point is, if you have something bothering you, no matter how small or big, I want to hear about it, while everyone may not understand , I can guarantee you there are others out there who will know exactly how you feel. Write us an e mail at or feel free to write one right to my Facebook page, as always we will never reveal the author if we do yours on the air.

With all that said, let's see what today's dilemma was: "My husband plays video games a lot and while he is not cheating on me and still goes to work, I can't help but feel like if the house was going up in flames, he would grab the kids first and then his "crackbox" and flee the house. Is it right that I feel this way or should I not be envious of the attention he gives these games instead of me?"

Here is what the callers had to say about this one.

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